Does our Emphasis on Quality Pay?

Because of our quality power supply repairs, we have very loyal customers. It has also resulted in a return rate, during our one year warranty, of just 3.6%. About half of the units returned for service are determined to have no faults. This yields a true return rate of about 1.7%. Quality does pay for both Siress Enterprises, Inc., and our customers.

Due to our proven standards of quality and reliability we have dock-to-stock arrangements with several of our customers. This reduces customer inventory levels and eliminates the costly and time consuming need to test any supply with the Siress label on the box. We also have products shipped from our customer’s field service technicians directly to our facility. This saves several days transit and processing time.

We will also maintain a customer inventory of parts that can then be shipped directly to a field service technician at the system repair site. Saves time and shipping charges.