ACDC Electronics

Sixty years have passed since the company once known as Advanced Component Design Corporation came into being. For simplicity, they changed their name to ACDC electronics in 1951, and were acquired by Emerson Electric Corporation in 1974. The division is now Emerson Network Power. From the very beginning, ACDC had been aggressively involved in the design technology and manufacture of switching and linear power supply components and systems.


They were at one time a plant of 180,000 ft². The primary manufacturing and division headquarters was located in Oceanside, California. Secondary operations were conducted in modern facilities in Tijuana, Mexico. ACDC used high-volume production methods that are were based on "product – line – philosophy." That means that when a new product lines was introduced, assembly techniques and test stations is unique to that product order were developed and implemented on an assembly line dedicated solely to the manufacturing that single product. The net result for this method paid off in the end product of consistent quality and lower cost. ACDC Electronics was the manufacture of the EL 750D electronic load which was used in many power supply manufacturing companies and test facilities. The rack assembly division produces the custom RPS systems.

None of the ACDC Electronic switching power supplies are currently being manufactured. With the large base of users their products are many times uniquely designed to the equipment they are used in. In most cases they can be serviced and/or refurbished at Siress Enterprises.

The following is a list of products ACDC manufactured:


 EL300 Series 300W, 600W electronic loads

EL750B Series 750W electronic loads

RPS Rack System

OEM, ECV, EC, ETV Series single & multiple output linear power supplies. 15-260W

Rb Series multiple output 40W to 220W switching power supplies

HCM single output 400& 500W liner power supplies

RS Series single output 350 & 350W switching power supplies

RSF Series single & multiple output 500W switching power supplies

REV Series single & multiple output 800W to1000W switching power supplies

LFP Series single output 600W, 750W, & 1000W switching power supplies

JF Series single output 200W & 3000W

JFM Series 1600W sing & multiple output switching power supplies

RE Series single & multiple output 750W to 1500W power supplies

JF201A, JFM164A, JFM165A, JF151A, JF101B, JF751B, REV803B, REV804B, REV103B, REV104B, RSF501, RSF102, RSF502, RSF503, RSF504RMV220, RM300, RM400, RBT41, RBT61, RBQ71, RBQ131RBQ132, RBQ133, RMQ134, RBQ171, RBQ173, RBQ221, RBQ223, RS50, RS100, RS150, RS300, RT100, RT150, RT300, RT300, RQ300, EL300N, EL301, EL750B