Siress Enterprise's power supply repair for all manufactures.

Power supply repair is our highest priority; regardless if you have one power supply repair or many, you are valued and will be given quality power supply repair service with competitive pricing.

Repair, Refurbish, or Replace?

During power supply repair we find the majority of switching power supplies we receive fall into this category. Our technicians will examine your supply and identify the problem areas. They will locate the defective components and replace them with exact matches. After the power supply repair our technicians will then test to the original manufacturers specifications. Our power supply repair process then operates you power supply under fully loaded conditions. Every power supply leaves our facility fully tested and operational.

Due to the durability of many switching power supplies, some of the units we receive are over 10-years old. In these cases, it is a good idea to go beyond the level of a power supply repair to a a power supply refurbishment. This will help you to avoid future problems, either within or outside of the warranty period. Defective components, as well as aging components, are replaced. Refurbishment pricing is slightly higher than repair pricing. However, we offer a full one-year warranty on your refurbished supplies.

When a power supply repair is not possible it is sometimes possible for us to replace your unit based on its voltage outputs and physical dimensions. Our technical staff will assist you in determining if a replacement supply will work in your operation. We will suggest the best choice for your organization.

Just want the bottom line?

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Power supplies repair is our business—our only business!