OEM: AC DC Power Supply, Sorensen Power Supply, Lambda Power Supply, Switching Power Supply Repair

Astec America, ACDC, Powertec
ACDC and Powertec are now owned by Astec Astec is the world's leading supplier of power conversion products. They feature the broadest line of standard AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies in the industry, ranging from 1 Watt to 60K Watts.

LH Research, C & D Technologies
LH Research was bought by C & D but is now supported by an outside facility. Power Electronics Division designs, manufactures and distributes AC to DC power supplies and DC to DC converters.

P.O. Box 638, Easton, PA 18044 Phone: (610) 258-5441 ยท Fax: (610) 258-2842

Kepco, an ISO 9001 company, has been making electronic power supplies since 1946, specializing in analog-controlled fast-programmable d-c, capable of producing 1, 2, or 4-quadrant (bipolar) outputs.

Acme Electric
Acme Electric Corporation stands at the forefront of electrical and electronic power conservation technology with advanced products for the most challenging applications. Acme offers established products that reflect many important accomplishments over the eighty years of its history.

Artesyn, JETA, Computer Products
Artesyn Technologies is a leading supplier of power conversion products, communication subsystems and repair services and employs more than 6,500 people worldwide with operations in 14 countries.

Modular Devices Inc (aka) MDI or Martek Power
Martek Power - Torrance, a division of Martek Power, is a full service designer and manufacturer of high-performance custom power systems.

Pioneer Magnetics (aka)PMI
With over 40 years of excellent service, Pioneer Magnetics, Inc. (PMI) maintains an outstanding reputation for providing high power AC to DC and DC to DC standard and customized switching power supplies.

Founded in 1943 to develop and produce specialty transformers and 400 Hz regulators for airborne use, Sorensen was the first commercial firm to manufacture and market precision electronic voltage regulators and power supplies.

Power Conversion
Power Conversion Products - designs and manufactures the most advanced switchmode DC power systems for the telecommunications industry and for other industries that provide mission-critical services. Throughout the Americas, Middle East, and Asia

Power One
AC/DC Products Switching and Linear Power Supplies from six watts to 1/2 megawatt DC/DC Converters Commercial and Industrial DC/DC Converters High Density DC/DC Converters High Density "bricks" for Datacom and Telecom Telecommunications rectifiers, controllers, and distribution panels

GE-Zenith Controls specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of power switching systems and controls.

Lambda Electronics, a global source of power supply for manufacturing, telecommunications and embedded systems.

Switching Systems International (aka) SSI
Switching Systems International is a manufacture of Standard, Modified-Standard, and Custom power supplies and Power Systems from 200 to 5,000 watts.